Amethyst Semi-Polished Geode
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Amethyst Semi-Polished Geode

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Often thought of as one of the best "all round" crystals, amethyst is associated with calm, healing + balance. It's believed to support restful sleep, aiding in releasing or relieving overthinking and mental chatter. It's also considered useful to help overcome stress, anxious emotions, irritability or grief.

Amethyst is believed to be a protective crystal, and can be a good choice to meditate with, particularly when working towards breaking addictive or detrimental behaviour patterns. It's also believed to be helpful in strengthening ones intuition + mental clarity.

This stunning and unique piece is a real show-stopper - showcasing the beauty of both clear quartz and amethyst, ranging from clear at the top to a pale lilac at the bottom.  

Geode is approximately 21cm high.  Please note, due to its size, this piece will require our Large Item shipping - please select the appropriate shipping option at checkout.