Chakra Etched Black Obsidian Points
Chakra Etched Black Obsidian Points
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Chakra Etched Black Obsidian Points

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Black obsidian is considered to be highly protective, said to absorb negativity and cleanse energy. This means it should be cleansed often. Obsidian is also believed to be a very grounding crystal, instilling calm, peace + balance for those struggling with fear, worry, or anxious thought patterns.

It's believed to be helpful with manifestation and seeing situations with greater clarity. Obsidian is said to help strengthen ones self control; it's also believed to cleanse the aura of negative behaviour patterns, toxic relationships, or any other blockages standing in the way of ones spiritual growth or the realisation of ones full potential.

Please note, these points have been engraved with the root chakra at the top, travelling to the crown chakra at the bottom.

Price is for one point only, selected intuitively for you. These points may contain tiny chips along the edges.