Fluorite Freeform #4
Fluorite Freeform #4
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Fluorite Freeform #4

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For positive clarity.

A colourful and beautiful crystal, fluorite is said to bring positivity and optimism.
It's believed to be protective against negativity, and can be helpful in balancing spiritual energy.

Fluorite is a good choice for students, as it's believed to relieve stress, as well as help with focus, memory, absorbing information and mental clarity. This is a good crystal to meditate with when making a difficult decision, as it's said to not only enhance intuition, but also help remove distractions in order to view situations with a clear and non-biased perspective. Fluorite is also believed to be a good crystal to help consciously create the life you want.

Freeform is approximately 10cm tall and weighs 490g. As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.