Lapis Lazuli XL Tumblestones
Lapis Lazuli XL Tumblestones
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Lapis Lazuli XL Tumblestones

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For pulling wisdom out of chaos.

A stone of enlightenment + wisdom, lapis lazuli is a rich and vibrant blue with pyrite inclusions. It's believed to encourage critical and abstract thinking, helping with viewing situations from different perspectives. It can also be used for strengthening  memory, intellect and dream work.

Lapis is also considered helpful for those who have stressful jobs where a lot of information is needed to be processed, as it's believed to help with sifting through the chaos to pull out what is useful or important.

Price is for one tumblestone, selected intuitively for you. Photo is an example only, and may not show the piece you receive. As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.