Moss Agate Mini Hearts
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Moss Agate Mini Hearts

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Known as the "Gardener's Stone", moss agate is believed to facilitate powerful grounding + connection to Earth. Meditating or working with this crystal is believed to help release deep fear and self doubt, so that one can embrace spiritual and personal growth and development. It's also considered helpful in attracting new friendships + relationships, and sparking exciting new beginnings.

Moss agate is considered helpful in business, as it's said to attract new business, as well as help existing business flourish by enhancing a good work ethic + motivation to achieve ones goals. It's believed to bring good fortune, success + prosperity, and is a good choice to work with when manifesting abundance.

Price is for one mini heart, selected intuitively for you. Hearts are approximately 2cm. As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.