Rose Quartz Pregnant Mama
Rose Quartz Pregnant Mama
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Rose Quartz Pregnant Mama

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Absolutely stunning Rose Quartz Pregnant Mamas.  These gorgeous statues are a divine way to symbolise, honour and nuture the amazing spiritual + physical journey of becoming and being a mother... however that journey looks for you.

Rose Quartz holds gentle, nurturing vibes, which are wonderful for helping improve self love, and serve as a great reminder to open yourself up to new relationships and friendships. Rose quartz is believed to help attract love, as well as increase compassion; both for yourself and those around you.

This beautiful crystal is a good choice for meditation when trying to release grudges and bring forgiveness. It's believed to help restore faith + trust, helping to heal emotional wounds or anxious thoughts and feelings; and instead encouraging unconditional love.

Price is for one pregnant mama only, selected intuitively for you. Mamas are approximately 85-90mm tall, and as each has been carefully hand polished, they may differ slightly to those shown in the picture.  As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities; such as yellow tinges or other inclusions, natural fractures, etc.