Rough Patagonian Agate with Amethyst
Rough Patagonian Agate with Amethyst
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Rough Patagonian Agate with Amethyst

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For staying steady.

Agate is considered to be a nourishing + grounding stone, that helps support ones connection to the Earth.  It's said to help heal inner anger, reminding us to slow down and be centered. Agate can be used to bring balance, and instill a sense of security and steadiness. 

These beautiful pieces of agate from Patagonia are so unique and gorgeous. These pieces include quartz + pale amethyst, so are a bit of a special find!


Price is for one rough piece, selected intuitively for you. Photo is an example only, the piece you receive may differ slightly in shape, size and/or colour. Amount of amethyst inclusion varies. As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.