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Variscite Tumblestones

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For a spring clean of the soul.

A soothing, comforting crystal, Variscite is said to help clear out clutter and blockages around the heart space, allowing for the release of emotional wounds and trauma.  This could be a good choice for those holding onto worry or fearful thought patterns, or who want to clear any “debris” or lingering areas of stagnant in their life, energy or aura. 

Variscite is believed to facilitate inner peace, boosting love and compassion. It can be used to deepen your meditation practice, supporting you to take charge of your emotions while acknowledging and exploring your thoughts without judgement or attachment.

Price is for one tumblestone, selected intuitively for you. Photo is an example only, and may not show the piece you receive. As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.