White Sage Wands
White Sage Wands
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White Sage Wands

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White sage is used to cleanse a space or home, and to clear negative energies.  

How to use your cleansing wand:

Light the end of your wand over a fireproof bowl or dish. Once alight, gently blow out the flame so that the sage is left gently smoking (like an incense stick). Move the stick slowly throughout the space you want to cleanse, with the intention of releasing + removing any negative or stagnant energy so that positive energy can come in. Relight if necessary - remember you only need a small amount of smoke, not a thick cloud.

When finished, either leave in the dish to smolder until it goes out naturally (only do this if you are present to keep an eye on it - never leave a lit wand unattended), or press into the Earth or the dish to fully extinguish.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Price is for one sage stick only, approximately 10cm. Sustainably + ethically sourced from America by our suppliers as part of a social enterprise to employ First Nation people in culturally significant work.  Collected on private land.