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It's a special kind of excitement when you receive your beautiful new crystals.  So shiny!  So pretty!  So many good vibes!

We regularly cleanse + charge our crystals so that they arrive to you with amazing, vibrant, positive, loving intentions; however, it's totally ok if you want to cleanse + charge them yourself with your own energy and intentions.  It's a good idea to make this a regular practice, as when we care for our crystals, we are also caring for ourselves.

Why is cleansing a good idea?

When we use crystals, it's basically an energy exchange; so it's believed that our crystals take on our energy and the energy of the environment they're in - not to mention the energies they can pick up on their journey from source to seller to receiver.  We can "reset" them back to their natural vibration by cleansing them.  This also helps us to reinforce our intentions for them - and ourselves - so even if you aren't sure about the vibration/energy side of things, this act of care can still be a really helpful practice for you in terms of using and enjoying your crystals.

How often should I cleanse my crystals?

Many people choose to cleanse + charge their crystals during the full or new moon, however it's totally a personal preference.  The more often you use a crystal, the more energy it takes on; so it can be a good idea to cleanse + charge these crystals more regularly.  The same goes for crystals that you're using particularly for removing negativity (such as obsidian, tourmaline, smoky quartz) - you'll want to cleanse these babies regularly too, no one wants negative energy hanging around!

How do I do it?

There are several ways you can cleanse your crystals - here are a few easy ones, just be sure to pay attention to which crystals are best (or not) suited to each method.


Although people often carry out cleansing and charging practices around the full or new moon, you can put your crystals out whenever you feel drawn to.  If there's a chance of rain, or if you aren't comfortable putting your crystals outside, a windowsill will work too (just be conscious of possible condensation on windows).  Plan to bring your crystals in/off the windowsill before midday so that they aren't in the sunlight too long, as this can fade or dull some crystals.  You can also write your intentions on paper and place them under your crystals for extra intention setting if you wish.

Best for: All crystals!
Delicate crystals should not be placed outside where they're at risk of weather damage.  Crystals such as amethyst can fade if in prolonged sunlight, so bring them in before the sun gets too high.

Satin Spar/Selenite

You can place your crystals on a piece of satin spar or selenite (satin spar charging bowls + plates are reasonably easily available) overnight to cleanse + charge. 

Best for: Smaller crystals + jewellery.


Water is believed to neutralise stored energy within a crystal and carry it back to the earth.  Natural running water is considered best (like a stream or river), however running water from a tap is also ok if that's all that's available.

Best for: Hard crystals such as quartz-based (amethyst, rose quartz, etc) and agates.
Not suitable for: Soft or water soluble crystals (calcite, selenite/satin spar, kyanite, etc), or those that become toxic when wet (eg. malachite). As a very rough rule of thumb (although of course there are exceptions), it's safest to avoid crystals that end in 'ite'.


White sage has been used for many years as a cleansing ritual, however due to the closed nature of this sacred practice, many people prefer other methods of smoke cleansing, such as incense or non-white-sage floral/foliage burn wands.  Using a burn/fire safe dish, light your chosen method, (ensure you're near an open window so the smoke + negative energy can dissipate and leave), and move your crystal through the smoke for around 30 seconds.  

Best for: Any crystal.
Note: When you're finished, either allow your chosen method to burn out, or extinguish it by gently pressing into the fire safe dish.  Never leave anything burning unattended.


The use of sound can help bring anything in the area to the vibration and frequency of that sound.  This is a particularly helpful method when there are many crystals to be cleansed, or for crystals that aren't easily moved.  This can be done using singing bowl, bells, or tuning forks.  At Clarity Co., this is the method we use most often for cleansing our stock.  Ensure the sound is loud enough to resonate throughout the space you're in.

Best for: All crystals, particularly large ones that aren't easy to move around.


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