Crystal Meanings

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For informational purposes only, and should not be used in place of appropriate medical or professional advice.  Crystals are amazing and can be incredibly helpful tools for spiritual, emotional + holistic wellness, however the greatest power comes from within you.

Chakra Key:

  Crown Chakra  |  higher consciousness, Divine connection

 Third Eye Chakra  |  intuition, imagination, perspective
  Throat Chakra  |  communication, truth, self expression
  Heart Chakra  |  self love, relationships, compassion
  Solar Plexus Chakra  |  self esteem, willpower, motivation, intellect
  Sacral Chakra  |  creativity, sexuality, flow
  Root / Base Chakra  |  safety, security, survival, belonging

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Aegirine Crystal Circle 


Clearing + cleansing - perfect for release work and cutting ties. Said to support self esteem, integrity and staying strong in the face of temptation or adversity.

Agate Crystal Circle


Nourishing + grounding, said to support your connection to the Earth. Believed to help heal inner anger, bring balance, and instill a sense of security + steadiness. Use to slow down and be centered.

Agatised Coral - Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Used for regaining lost wisdom, perspective, emotional stability + strength. Said to be a good "big picture" stone, useful to help you step back from stressing over small details and shift to a wider perspective.

Amazonite - Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop

heart chakrathroat chakra

Believed to bring truth, clarity, trust, and alignment. Used for calm, healing + easing an anxious mind. Also a great choice for conflict resolution, aiding authentic, firm, but gentle communication. 


Considered to be one of the best "all round" crystals. Associated with calm, healing + balance, and can be a good choice for grief or when trying to break unhealthy habits. Protective and supportive, it’s also believed to support anxiety and strengthen intuition.

Angel Aura Quartz

Quartz that has been bonded with silver + platinum to create a magical rainbow shine. Represents happiness, positivity, joy and creativity, and is also associated with luck and success.



Often referred to as the "Stone of Awareness", and is said to bring peace, calm and tranquility. Also believed to help with communication to the angelic realm, alleviate stress + anxiety and give a sense of feeling supported.

 Apache Tear


A good choice for support when healing from depression or anxiety - deeply protective + grounding.  They are also one of the most known, recommended + used crystals for times of grief or loss.



A stone of growth. Said to invoke creativity, inspiration + motivation, perfect for creatives as it can bring thought into action. Use for support in communication, achieving goals, focus, manifestation + learning.



Peace and spirituality. Believed to help overcome anxious thoughts, negativity and stress.  A good choice for meditation, as it’s believed to help bring awareness and connection to your spirituality and higher consciousness.



Courage, compassion + confidence.  A good choice to help resolve and release feelings of anger and resentment.  Also believed to help one to listen with the intent of understanding, whilst also supporting honest communication.

 Aragonite Sputnik


Believed to help balance your energy field and raise tolerance levels.  Also said to help stimulate patience, concentration and self confidence, therefore supporting you to defuse volatile or confrontational situations.


Circle showing rough green aventurine crystal

heart chakra

Good fortune + luck, and a good choice for business owners, entrepreneurs and artists. Considered to be a strong attractor of wealth and prosperity, and is known as the "Stone of Opportunity". 



Said to help redirect self-sabotage towards uplifting, positive energy. Said to help in finding and aligning with your purpose. Can also be used to support relationships, promoting peace and love, easing stress, and relieving overwhelm.

 Black Amethyst


Psychic + energetic protector, said to facilitate a deep + understanding connection to the Divine/Universe, and enhance intuition and wisdom. Also said to promote restful sleep while standing guard against negative energy, night time anxiousness or nightmares.

Black Kyanite 


Grounding + protective, wonderful for meditation and dream work.  Believed to deflect negativity, and does not need energetic cleansing.  Also said to help you centre yourself, as it is considered to align + energise your chakras.

Black Moonstone 


Intuition + manifestation. A good choice to work with during new beginnings, as it’s believed to help spark new ideas and stimulate creativity. Acts as a reminder of your self worth, helping you to recognise + understand your strengths.

Black Obsidian 


Highly protective, helping to absorb negativity and cleansing the surrounding energy. Grounding and stabilising, instilling calm, peace + balance for those struggling with fear or worry. Can also be helpful with manifestation and seeing things with greater clarity.

Black Tourmaline 


Grounding, protection and security - said to absorb negative energy, transforming + releasing it as positive energy. Holds a faint electrical charge, and is said to protect against electro-magnetic radiation given off by electronic devices.



Strength, perseverance and resilience; a useful choice to help see things through to the end. Said to heighten intuition, knowing and perspective, and can support you to stand up to bullies or against adversity.

Blue Aragonite 


Deeply calming: Use to relieve stress and triggers, and to help with healing emotional wounds. Said to teach patience, and can be beneficial for those who push themselves too hard as it encourages you to delegate tasks in order to create a healthy balance.

Blue Calcite 


Calm, healing, peace + harmony. Can be helpful in lifting anxieties and filtering out bad energy. Also a great choice for sleep support, to increase retention of information, or to enhance your spiritual connection, intuition and/or metaphysical abilities.

Blue Kyanite 


Deeply calming, perfect for use during meditation or in grids created for peace and harmony.  Believed to align + restore energy flow to your chakras, help with open communication, shift stuck patterns, and support you to resolve conflict.

Blue Lace Agate 


Calm + serene, used to create peace and harmony. A good choice for those needing to slow down and simply *be*; supporting you to release the noise and overwhelm that surrounds you.  Also believed to bring clarity and facilitate confident communication.

Blue Onyx (Banded Blue Calcite) 


Calming and gentle, said to act as a soother to emotions and your emotional body; facilitating the healing of any past hurts or lingering trauma. Can also be a helpful support to take into a difficult conversation or situation, bringing calm and level headedness, but with a side of self advocacy.

Blue Topaz 


Truth and gentle awareness, said to support creativity, communication, and confidence. Can be used to help shift writer's block, giving the courage and perspective to write freely.  Also believed to facilitate higher thinking, and to help bring aspirations + projects to fruition.

Botswana Agate 


Comfort, hope + possibility. Believed to help alleviate grief and depressive dispositions, and also support work to release addictive, obsessive or compulsive behaviours.  Said to bring strength + resilience, helping control the flow of your energy in a meaningful, conscious way.



A stone of stamina, said to help support you for the long haul - bringing resilience + determination to see things through to the end. Believed to facilitate strength in the face of adversity, and can be useful to carry when traveling.

 Caribbean Calcite


Calm + balance.  Believed to help bring harmony to family relationships through truthful communication, as well as bringing to light the understanding that your words and thoughts have consequences in reality; even without being spoken. 



Energy, leadership, courage + motivation. Said to inspire ambition + taking action, help overcome negative thought patterns, instead encouraging empowerment, a sense of purpose, and drive.



Change + transformation.  Said to help you stay strong and resilient during challenging times through strengthening your intuition, and helping you to stay focused on the end result by seeing the bigger picture.



Serenity, calm + communication. Carries a gentle, ethereal energy, and is said to support spiritual growth, bring dream recollection + strengthen intuition. Deeply calming, so is a good choice for unfamiliar situations.



Believed to be a protective amulet for travel, can also be used to deepen meditation and aid in dreamwork. It's most popularly used for transformation and furthering spiritual healing and practice.

Chevron Amethyst 


Said to aid in strengthening intuition, bringing a clear and insightful perspective. Can be used to help draw out hidden layers of a situation, to allow for informed decisions to be made. Also a great choice for those wanting sleep support or help with dream recollection and clarity. 

Also known as: Dream Amethyst, Zebra Amethyst

Chrysocolla from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop 


Communication, understanding of others, connection + self-awareness. A great choice to work with for building, strengthening, and maintaining relationships. Said to help communicate and express your viewpoint during difficult situations, whilst maintaining empathy and compassion towards others.

Chrysocolla from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop



Associated with happiness, love and healing, and said to promote abundance + prosperity. Serves as a great reminder to be compassionate towards yourself (and others), and can help build and maintain healthy relationships.

 Natural Citrine from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Joy, optimism and happiness. Associated with success, prosperity, abundance + wealth, and is believed to encourage manifestation + achieving your goals.  Said to be protective, and can help boost self-esteem and confidence.

Both natural citrine and heat treated amethyst "citrine" are available. Natural citrine is more subdued and even in colour, whereas heat treated citrine is brighter and will often have white parts. We always note in our products whether citrine is heat treated or natural, but if you are unsure please feel free to get in touch.

Clear Quartz from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop 


Known as the "Master Healer". Associated with clarity and harmony, and is said to absorb, store, filter, balance + amplify the energy of other crystals. Can be used to amplify thoughts + intentions, and is interchangeable with almost any other crystal in terms of healing or gridwork.

 Cobaltoan Calcite from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Said to align with the heart chakra to promote unconditional love + support in relationships. Believed to be a stone of growth + development, said to help with empathy and compassion, as well as ignite motivation and enhance your natural curiosity.

 Crazy Lace Agate from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Believed to help with self-confidence, focus, creativity + motivation. Said to help ward off negativity, and is also considered helpful in avoiding trouble or accidents.

 Dalmation Jasper from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Considered to be a grounding stone, whilst also reminding us to hold onto our child-like playfulness and joy.  Said to balance yin + yang energies, encourage team-work and determination, and can help inspire you to be of service to others.  

 Desert Rose from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


A crystal of confidence, strength and perseverance. Associated with mental clarity + decision making, and is a great choice to help strengthen your intuition. Each rose is said to contain a spirit guide.

 Dumortierite from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


A communication powerhouse, particularly helpful in transferring ideas into words. Said to facilitate calm in volatile or stressful situations, by promoting patience, and replacing stubbornness with understanding.

Emerald from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop 


Symbolic of unconditional love, believed to empower your heart.  Said to facilitate free flowing love to and from the heart chakra and revive passion; whether in regards to a person, a job, a goal or a purpose.

 Emerald Calcite from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Patience + growth. Said to help with clearing out stagnant energy and blocks to make room for fresh, renewed energy. A great choice when reembarking on your spiritual journey after a hiatus, as it’s believed to help restore focus and passion.



Protective + grounding; carry to create an energetic shield around you.  A great choice to help you stand up against bullies or adversity, as it can be a powerful ally in advocacy. Also said to direct any negativity sent towards you back to its source, allowing the sender to become aware of how they have been affecting others. 

 Fire Quartz from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Said to help with motivation, focus + self esteem, and can replace negativity with pure, positive energy. Use to help you turn overwhelm into action, helping you become productive rather than just busy.

 Flower Agate from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Growth + potential, believed to help you blossom by relieving self-doubt and releasing fears. Use to unblock any emotional obstacles standing in the way of manifestation.

Also known as: Cherry Blossom Agate, Sakura Agate

 Fluorite from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Peaceful + protective, with a positive, cleansing vibe. A good choice to work with when making a difficult decision; said to enhance intuition and focus, and to help remove distractions, allowing for a clear and unbiased perspective of a situation.



Often called the "Healer's Stone", believed to help with health guidance, insomnia, and resilience during tough times. Said to allow compassion + emotion to flow freely through your heart chakra, and can support the renewal and rejuvenation of energy.

Garden Quartz from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop 


Believed to help stimulate your creativity and bring to light your purpose and destiny, Also said to attract positive, balanced energy, and can be helpful for staying grounded.



A stone of energy and passion, resonating with the root chakra. It's believed to help promote a healthy, sincere, and loyal relationship, and is also a popular choice for those wanting to increase fertility.

 Garnierite Green Moonstone from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Said to promote self love and help increase self confidence + worth. Believed to attract friendship, luck and prosperity, and is considered to be a good choice of support when closing the door on a toxic relationship.

Also known as: Green Moonstone

 Golden Healer Quartz from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Said to strengthen your connection to Spirit. Can be used to align chakras, amplify intentions, release unhealthy thought patterns or behaviours, and increase motivation. A great choice for support when working towards big goals.

 Goniatite from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Said to have absorbed cosmic energy through time, these fossils are believed to help draw up and activate life force or kundalini energy. Their spiral shape also represents continual change, can be worked with to “filter” energy.

 Grape Agate from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Serene + tranquil, believed to support a calm and steady confidence.  Said to help you reach a deeper level of meditation, allowing you to tune into your spiritual side and access your spiritual abilities.

 Green Apophyllite from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Calming + peaceful. Said to help connect the physical with the spiritual, and can help you learn to lean into your intuitive ability.  Believed to help heal a broken heart, this is a good choice to help you re-find yourself and reconnect with your spiritual side.  

 Green Calcite from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Believed to help make dreams a reality, with its positive, healing energy, said to bring a renewed sense of purpose + wellbeing to your life.  Believed to help facilitate meaningful change, and can help with effective manifestation.



A crystal of truth, said to help shift stuck patterns by helping you to listen to your gut instincts without all the external "noise". Believed to help clear up confusion, strengthen your ability to feel empathy and compassion, and is a good choice to use when needing to resolve conflict.

 Green Opal from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Known as the "Stone of Change" as it's believed to provide support during times of transition. Said to bring clarity, a sense of purpose, focus and perspective. Can be used to help strengthen relationships (including romantic, platonic and business).  Also a good choice for grief support.



Associated with protection, grounding, security + strength. A good choice to relieve overwhelm as it brings calm and stillness, and its weighty nature makes it useful during meditation for grounding and steady presence.

 Himalayan Quartz from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


A crystal of clarity and harmony, used to amplify thought + intention, as well as the energy of other crystals.  Himalayan Quartz in particular is said to help establish a strong and clear connection to your Higher Self; it’s said to carry the energy of the shamanic healers who lived for centuries in the Himalayan Mountains.



Believed to help amplify self esteem, courage, and confidence within yourself, and has a balancing, transformational energy.  Said to help with emotional strength, recovery from negative or hurtful relationships, and provides a wonderful reminder of self worth.



Believed to help calm + relieve anxiety, remind us of our purpose, goals + ambitions - acts as a reminder of what’s truly important.  Also said to help promote restful sleep.



Said to help bring guidance, intuition and honesty, a wonderful crystal to meditate with when you wish to have a little more faith in whatever journey you're currently traveling along.



Empathy + connection. Said to urge your soul towards a space of reception and enlightenment, and is believed to help bring awareness, perspective and wisdom - particularly with helping to bring understanding around fears and phobias. 



Believed to help release karmic blockages and help discover new life paths, as well as increasing self-worth, inner peace + courage.  A good choice when recovering from a “broken heart”.

 Natural Kundalini Citrine - from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Soul-led success, prosperity, abundance and wealth.  Said to draw Kundalini energy (divine life force energy) up from the root chakra, cleansing, igniting + aligning the other chakras as it moves through.  Use to tap into your personal power and step into your amazing potential.



Gentle, pure + joyful energy; a popular choice to help lift flat, low emotions and relieve anxieties.  Believed to help heal fear-based emotional wounds around the heart chakra, allowing you to move forward with grace and positivity.



Transformation and magic. Believed to facilitate your spiritual journey, stimulate intuition and increase awareness, clarity and wisdom. Said to bring calm, reduce stress + anxiety, and protect against negativity.  A good choice to work with for auric and energetic protection, or to help you find yourself in the right place at the right time spiritually.




Tranquil + loving.  Said to promote emotional + spiritual healing and enlightenment. Deeply calming, it’s said to assist with clear communication, particularly around subjects of feelings or emotions, and is a good choice to help set up gentle, but clear boundaries.



Protection + connection. Believed to help you see beyond the appearances people present, allowing you to understand and empathise with actions and behaviour. Said to help you  trust in divine timing, allowing things to play out as they’re destined to.



Grounding + supportive. Believed to help you both solidify and lean into your sense of self. Said to help you move forward from things in the past that may be holding you back, and truly understand the greater part they played in the grand scheme of your life.

 Lepidolite - from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Calming + balancing. A popular choice for helping relieve emotional struggles, stress + anxiety.  Said to help relieve dependency on others or things, allowing you to stand on your own two feet without being swayed by external influences.  Also a good choice for sleep support.



Insight + intuition, used to stimulate and open the crown chakra. Said to help with decision making, particularly in difficult or unclear situations, and is also believed to help calm a busy or distracted mind, drawing out both clarity and wisdom.



Protective, grounding + stabilizing, with a more subtle energy than black. Said to give strength and confidence when it's needed, as well as bringing clarity and clearing any confusion or limiting beliefs. 



Soft + gentle. Serves as a reminder of self worth, acceptance and compassion.  Believed to encourage confidence and unconditional love for yourself and those around you, reminding you to hold the same grace for yourself as you would for a friend or loved one. 



Empowering. Said to help disperse negative, chaotic or frazzled energy - allowing for unconditional love, acceptance and positivity to flow freely. Believed to help clarify your thoughts and emotions, gently encouraging self belief and reminding you to listen to your instincts and intuition. 



A reminder of self-worth, believed to help heal ancestral trauma + inherited behavioural patterns. Can be helpful for decision making, as it’s said to help you see clearly which choices you need to make.  Also believed to encourage a sense of adventure, supporting you to seek out new opportunities and adventures.

 Moonstone - from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Inner growth + strength. A wonderful choice during times of new beginnings and fresh starts, and is said to strengthen your intuition and feminine energy. Popular for expecting or new mothers, as it’s considered protective and supportive whilst traveling new paths.



Known as the "Gardener's Stone". Believed to help attract new friendships and new beginnings, and can be helpful support for business ventures. Said to help with grounding, growth + connecting to Earth, and also makes a good buddy for houseplants.



Calm + stress relief. Said to help relieve nervousness and the jitters, and to facilitate the release of self doubt. Said to help with memory, awareness and thought, making it a good choice for study or training.



Nurturing + calming. Said to soothe frazzled nerves, allowing you to come back to a space of alignment and balance.  Believed to protect against negativity, helping to keep you grounded and peaceful. 



Joy, positivity + release.  Said to help let go of the past and have confidence moving forward. Believed to help with patience (particularly with yourself), and going with the flow.



Energising + motivating. Said to be helpful with creativity, sparking inspiration to help you find your best self. Believed to gently cleanse energy + remove blockages for renewed vitality.

 Orange Satin Spar Selenite from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Peace + protection. Said to strengthen intention and manifestation, and can help refresh sacral energy.  Can also be used for cleansing, clarifying, and charging other crystals. 



 Self-reflection, forgiveness + truth. Helpful to dive deep into your inner self, identifying any trauma or emotional wounds that need dealing with, whilst maintaining unconditional forgiveness and acceptance. Empowering, and can remind you to speak kindly to yourself.



Nourishing + grounding, said to support your connection to the Earth. Believed to help heal inner anger, bring balance, and instill a sense of security + steadiness. Use to slow down and be centered.

 Peach Moonstone from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Supportive + nurturing. Can be a useful crystal ally for intuition, empathy and to calm emotions. A good choice during times of transition, change, or new beginnings, as it’s believed to bring luck and opportunity.



Joy, acceptance + gratitude. Reminds us to enjoy and appreciate life, and can be used to protect against negativity in order to only accept what is good for your soul.  Believed to heal and align the chakras, and is also said to help break unhealthy habits or behaviours.



See: Rhodonite



Patience + perseverance.  Said to assist those feeling frozen or "stuck". Believed to be helpful when working to heal + release trauma from ancestry or past lives, and brings grounding and stability. Supportive of change, but with slow, steady, achievable actions.



Hope + optimism. A helpful companion to raise self confidence and willpower, said to bring a sense of excitement and hopefulness in regards to looking to the future. Also believed to help clear out old energy or behaviour patterns.



Intuition, healing and acceptance.  Believed to protect against negative energy, particularly around the heart chakra, and can be useful when working towards releasing and healing emotional trauma.  Said to enhance + attract love, and can be used to foster deep, meaningful connections.



Calming, grounding + nurturing.  Said to facilitate hope, encouraging one to step forward into new opportunities and possibilities. Also believed to support problem-solving, helping bring new, creative solutions to light, whilst bringing a sense of resilience and strength.



Said to hold the seeds of healing knowledge from the mythological lost civilisation of Lemuria.  High vibration and rare.  Activate and unlock through meditation, in order to access the ancient wisdom and knowledge within.



See: Mangano Calcite



Let go of the past and start fresh. Believed to help your heart sing again after being quietened, through facilitating forgiveness and restoring imbalances in relationships. Said to encourage you to take responsibility for your own happiness and wellbeing.



Hope, love and tenderness.  A self-love crystal, gently facilitating deep emotional healing.  Perfect for spiritual self-care, it can be used to release what doesn’t serve you and allow your aura to hold only love.  Believed to bring hope and encouragement whilst resolving emotional trauma.



Move forward from emotional trauma. Believed to help heal the heart from emotional wounds, and said to release stress, worries and anxiety.  Serves as a reminder to be gentle + compassionate with yourself during times of growth, healing or change.



Insight + inspiration. Said to gently guide you to see situations with a fresh and honest perspective.  Helps to remind you that all struggles pass, and is believed to help with patience while you wait for the passing to happen.



Vitality, stability and happiness. Extremely grounding, and can help to impart a sense of security and balance. Said to be particularly useful to keep with you in stressful work environments, and is believed to support resilience, perseverance and determination.



A good “decluttering” crystal. Believed to support letting go of what you don’t need, both physical and emotional.  Useful for journaling, as it can help show the way forward for spiritual and personal growth.



A popular choice for manifestation and attracting wealth.  Believed to encourage assertiveness, confidence, resolve and willpower. Also said to help you feel safe and secure enough to take the action you need in order to create the outcome you desire.  



Protective and loving. Believed to help you work to release emotional ties, cords and hooks that remain from past relationships, allowing you to acknowledge and resolve any lingering trauma within your heart.



Associated with protection, courage + self confidence. Believed to help with energy balance and stability, as well as strengthening boundaries.  Also said to draw attention to issues so that they may be dealt with before they become too big.



A stone of love + compassion. Believed to boost loving energy and help heal emotional wounds. Said to help with discovering your unique talents, and encourage altruism and service to others.  A good choice to help you find your place in the world.



Nurturing and supportive. Said to strengthen your connection with animals and nature, and is a good choice for those who care for animals or the environment, or love plants.  Also believed to help alleviate procrastination.



Said to be a deep emotional cleanser, clearing out the "junk" that lurks within your heartspace. Believed to help you to stay open to new opportunities and possibilities, gently supporting you through times of change or growth.



Love + compassion.  A useful support when working to build self love. Believed to attract loving energy into all areas of life, and help open up to new relationships and friendships. Said to support forgiveness, compassion and empathy.



Serves as a reminder that before you can share love with others, you must first share and show love to yourself.  Said to help maintain boundaries whilst still having strong and fulfilling relationships, and is a good choice to have during a clash of opinions.



Nobility and passion, said to bring forth vitality, energy + a zest for life.  A bringer of courage, believed to help you travel through life with confidence and self assurance.  Also said to help with conflict resolution, and to support powerful + influential leadership.



Said to cleanse and energise your aura, whilst strengthening your resolve and enhancing energy levels. Believed to be a helpful ally for manifestation and setting intentions, helping to get clear on what you actually want.



Used for charging other crystals, and believed to help clear the aura. A great choice for energy clearing and protection, or to support wisdom, truth and decision making. Doesn’t need cleansing.



Gentle + harmonious. Said to be an effective balancer and cleanser, and can bring people together to work towards the greater good in a cohesive and calm environment. Also believed to help remove unwanted energy taken on from others throughout the day.



Said to instil courage and confidence whilst being grounding, calming + protective.  Believed to support public speaking, emotional regulation and patience.  Also said to evoke environmental guardianship, encouraging care of the earth.



Said to align intention with your heart chakra to support manifestation and growth. Believed to correct imbalances and restore a sense of control. Has a powerful, transformational and regenerative energy, helping shed unneeded layers like a snake to reveal your true self.



A useful support for shadow work, aura cleansing, and releasing negative patterns + behavior. Also believed to be a strong purifier and detoxer, and is a popular choice to protect against EMF/electrical pollution.



Believed to neutralise negative energy and lift moods. Said to relieve stress, anxiety + mental blocks, and can be helpful getting back on track or to bring positivity. Also a good choice for grounding and protection.



Representing the harmonious balance between light and dark. Said to promote balance, stability + purity, and can help you see hope and light during dark or stressful times. Also believed to support mindfulness and presence.



Truth, clarity + self awareness. Believed to inspire you to trust your intuition, while also being open to new information or perspective. Can be a great aide in open, authentic communication.



Calming + balancing. A wonderful meditation stone, especially when working towards spiritual growth and enlightenment, as it can help forge a stronger connection to Spirit or your Higher Self.  It's also said to help align the chakras, bringing mindful focus + peace.

 Sunstone from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Leadership, positivity + mindfulness. Said to help highlight opportunities for joy, and reminds you to slow down, enjoy life, and notice the goodness that surrounds you with awareness and gratitude.  Also believed to ignite motivation and passion, linking intention and will with action.



Energetically grounding, believed to activate and cleanse all seven chakras. Said to facilitate the deepening of your spiritual abilities, helping access the knowledge needed to answer all your life’s questions and supporting both spiritual and personal growth.  



A great choice to work with after times of trauma or struggle, said to bring understanding and clarity. Helpful in releasing issues of the past or cultivating compassion and understanding in regards to those who have wronged you, and can be used to leave the past in the past.

 Tiger's Eye from Clarity Co. NZ Online Crystal Shop


Confidence, courage, and power. A good choice for meditation, steadiness, and protection. Also believed to increase resilience, attract wealth and good fortune, and enhance manifestation.



Believed to help amplify and energize the chakras with a vibrant yet purifying energy.  It's said to be able to cleanse your energetic field, whilst also keeping you grounded and centred.  Also believed to promote a peaceful space + environment.



Peaceful and harmonious. A crystal to help bring a greater good to the collective. It’s loving and protective, and is a useful choice to support realignment. Can also be used to uplift your mood and release hurtful or heavy emotions.



Balancing + protective. Said to bring about change, shifting areas of stagnation and breaking any ties or stuck patterns. Believed to shield against attack or negative energy, and can be used to help direct you away from toxic, destructive or unhealthy situations, people or relationships.



Believed to support healthy habits by releasing unhelpful ones. Useful in helping with sleep issues, and considered to provide support for mum + baby during pregnancy and birth.



Soothing + comforting. Said to help clear out clutter and blockages around the heart space, allowing for the release of emotional wounds and trauma. Believed to facilitate inner peace, and could be a good choice for those holding onto worry or fearful thought patterns.



See: Serpentine



Said to bring confidence and self worth whilst overcoming fear, doubt and anxious thoughts. Believed to help you remember that past mistakes were areas of growth; allowing you to address any inner demons with forgiveness + acceptance, and without judgement or self-beration.  



Optimism + balance. Believed to help you tackle + resolve difficult situations; a good choice for those who want to be more solutions-focused. Also said to help you align and organise scattered energy, perfect for those who find themselves flitting from one task to another too quickly.



Compassion + balance. A great choice for those who feel that they take on the emotions of others easily, as it supports empathy while helping maintain healthy boundaries.