Spirit Junkie Deck
Spirit Junkie Deck
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Spirit Junkie Deck

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If you have this knowing within you that you can do more; if you feel that you have a gift to share with the world, a desire to be a shining light for others, you are a Spirit Junkie -and this is the divine guidance you have been seeking.

This is a collection of energetically charged cards that will help you step into your unique power and use your natural gifts to be of service to others. This is for the Spirit Junkies who believe passionately in the goodness of the world, and want to feel empowered and empower others.

Created by New York Times best-selling spiritual author Gabrielle Bernstein, this deck features the signature look of her previous decks, The Universe Has Your Back Cards and Super Attractor Cards. Each card is watercolor illustrated, with celestial motifs, floral art, and mystical elements.  Cards show inspirational messages and call to actions, such as:

I trust that my intuition is always leading me in the right direction

Owning my power inspires others to do the same

I am not afraid to shine

Taking care of myself is a radical act of love