Clear Quartz Dainty Point Necklace
Clear Quartz Dainty Point Necklace
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Clear Quartz Dainty Point Necklace

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Carry your crystals with you by wearing them! Small but with divine energy, these gorgeous new pendants are elegant + minimal.

Featuring natural inclusions and elusive rainbows, this beauty was incredibly hard to photograph and showcase just how stunning she really is! She holds SO much texture within, you could stare into her forever.

Clear quartz is known as the "Master Healer" and is generally just a good all-round piece to have in your collection.  It's said to amplify your intentions as well as the energy around it (including the energy of other crystals).  

Price is for one necklace only, others are shown for crystal comparison. Pendant comes with an 18" sterling silver chain. The pendant you receive will be intuitively selected from available stock, and may differ slightly to the example image.