Crystal Confetti Scoops
Crystal Confetti Scoops
Clarity Co.

Crystal Confetti Scoops

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It's like a party mix of candy, but better.

We've put together a gorgeous and colourful confetti mix, made up of chips, tumbles, roughs, pendants, mini spheres, and other wee goodies and surprises.  These scoops are perfect on their own to display in a bowl or dish, or add one (or three) to your order for the kids... or yourself.

No two scoops will be the same, and although we don't handpick what you'll get (it's in the Universe's hands) we give the confetti a bit of a stir before dipping into the goodness so that you'll hopefully get a nice mix of pieces.

Want just tumbles? Find our lucky dips here.

Price is per scoop/ladle, and we'll make sure your scoop is at least 100g.  If you order more than one scoop and want them in separate bags, please choose the single scoop option and update the quantity in your cart - the two and three scoop options will be bagged together.