Himalayan Quartz Large Cluster #2
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Himalayan Quartz Large Cluster #2

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Clear quartz is known as the "Master Healer" and is a must-have crystal in any collection. Associated with clarity and harmony, it's said to amplify thought + intention, as well as the energy of other crystals.  Himalayan Quartz in particular is said to help establish a strong and clear connection to ones Higher Self; it is said to carry the energy of the shamanic healers who lived for centuries in the Himalayan Mountains.

Clear Quartz is believed to absorb, store, regulate + release energy. It can be particularly beneficial for meditation practice, as it's considered to help enhance concentration, bring oneself into balance + alignment, and strengthen ones connection with their Higher Self. Clear Quartz is also said to help cleanse the aura + energetic space.

As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.