Ocean Jasper Tumblestones
Ocean Jasper Tumblestones
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Ocean Jasper Tumblestones

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For cutting ties with anchors that are dragging you down.

Each one as unique as a fingerprint, these cute wee tumblestones are perfect to display in a trinket dish or carry in your pocket for some extra crystally support.

Ocean Jasper is believed to help with patience, particularly with oneself, and relaxation during times of turbulence.  It's considered to be a great aide in helping to let go of negativity and/or the past and so you can have confidence in moving forward.

Like the turning tides and mighty seas, ocean jasper reminds us to stay fluid, which allows us to be adaptable if we need to change course. You can work with this beautiful crystal to release fear, excessive control issues, or other emotional weights that are pulling you down and stopping you from moving forward.

Price is for one tumble, selected intuitively for you.  Photo is a representation only and may differ slightly to the piece you receive as they're all naturally unique. Sizes are approximate - photo shows a small.