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Satin Spar (Selenite) Tumbles

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Satin Spar Selenite | Crystals For Cleansing + Protection

Gentle yet powerful, this peaceful, protective crystal is used for cleansing and clarifying energy, or can also be used to clear and charge other crystals.  It holds a delicate, subtle, restorative vibration, bringing the surrounding energy back to a space of calm and harmony.  It can be used in healing practice, gridwork, or by placing near other crystals to refresh and clear their energies.

Satin Spar is also said to bring truth and awareness, and is believed to hold the imprint of all that has happened in the world.  It’s a good choice for meditation as it resonates with your crown chakra, helping you to receive wisdom, enlightenment and truth.  Satin Spar is also believed to support good business practice; facilitating open and honest relationships, mental clarity, and aligned decision making.

Crystal Tumblestones

Small but mighty, tumblestones are convenient, versatile, and incredibly helpful.  They can be used for grid-work or intention setting, and can be placed in intuitively/intentionally selected groups around your home or space to bring in the energy you’re wanting to attract. You can also carry tumblestones with you in your pocket, bag or bra for on-the-go crystal support - as they’re so easily transportable, this makes them a perfect choice for constant manifestation and reaffirmation of intentions.  Tumblestones are also a great way to try working with a certain crystal to see how it resonates with you before investing in a larger piece.

Price is for one tumble only, selected intuitively for you.  Photo is a representation only and may not show the exact pieces you receive. As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.