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So, you've found yourself drawn crystals - but where do we start?!

Crystals are definitely becoming more widely known and used, which is amazing! The only thing is, there is so much information out there around them, so it can be really overwhelming when you want to start your journey.
So firstly, and perhaps most importantly:

Don't Panic.

Everyone and anyone can benefit from crystals.  You don't have to be super spiritual, you don't have to know everything about them to work with them, and even if you literally just think they're pretty rocks (and lets be honest, they are super pretty), you can still benefit from them. Wahoo!

So, we've so far established that wherever you are on your journey, crystals can be a meaningful addition to your life. Now let's crack on to how to pick your first crystal when you don't know your rhodonite from your rhodochrosite.

Pick what you're immediately drawn to

In my opinion, the easiest way to start is to just have a look through (either online or in a store) and pick a few - maybe 2 or 3 - that you're drawn to. Don't worry about what they mean or their properties, just go with pure aesthetic and what you love the look of. Pick the ones that make you happy when you look at them. Tumbled stones or small roughs are a great start, and relatively well priced depending on the rarity of the crystal.  If you find yourself immediately drawn to a larger crystal (and if it isn't in your budget to splurge from the get go), then take note of the name and find a smaller piece of it. My first crystal was a tiny, dark, unassuming labradorite tumblestone, which directly began the journey that lead me here. Who would've thought? I feel like people often overlook the humble tumble, but they are every bit as useful as larger crystals. Although I have quite a collection now, I still work with tumblestones often!

Ok, so now what?

Once you have your crystals at home with you, spend some time holding them, sitting quietly with them and seeing if you *feel* anything (if you don't, that's TOTALLY fine). Tell them what purpose you'd like them to have for you, and set your intentions for them. Then maybe look up their meanings and see if your selection resonates
The main thing is just follow your intuition- don't worry about the right way or the wrong way, just pick ones that you like. If all they do for you is look pretty, that's awesome - we all need pretty things in our lives. The deeper stuff will come when you're ready - everyone travels this journey at different speeds and to different destinations.

Different ways to use crystals

There are so many ways to incorporate crystals into your life - whether you want to consciously work with them for powerful manifestation, or take a more "set and forget" approach.  Or if you just want them in your house because they look pretty, that's ok too!  

Here are some easy ways you can work with your crystals:

- Wear them (check out our range of crystal bracelets and necklaces here)

- Carry them (either in your pocket, bag, or bra if you wear one)

- Meditate with them

- Use them in crystal grids

- Display them in your home (find our statement pieces here)

- Create intention bowls with specifically selected groups of crystals

- Use them for chakra alignment (palms and flatstones are best here IMO)

- Add water-safe crystals to your house plants (moss agate is particularly good for your leafy friends)

The most important thing is to do what works and feels right for you.  You can be as "hands on" or relaxed as you like; just trust your instincts, and don't be afraid to play around with different ideas to see what resonates!

If you need any further guidance, feel free to get in touch. We're always happy to help.

Have fun!

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