Guest Post - Saskia R: Crystal Grids

Guest Post by Saskia aka. @witchypoo75 - Find her work/book her services here.

Crystal Grids

When it comes to building a grid, remember that a grid can be as complex or as simple as you like. I like to use nature in my grids, things I find like shells, flowers, leaves and herbs. All of these things hold energy too, so even if you don't own any crystals or can't afford to buy any or many right now it doesn't matter. Mix and Match. Grids are all about intention, when you feel a certain way or want to send out a certain energy to support or help others, you can build your grid to reflect that. Nothing you choose is wrong, because really there is an innate sense inside us that will help you choose what is right just for that given moment. It can really be about trusting why we are attracted to what we are that moment, (placing your partner in the centre is also doable) just saying, but anything is fair game in my opinion.

Key points to remember with crystals are, that again they will choose you for what you need at that time, let your hands choose don't over think it. We may all build grids differently, eg. outside in, inside out, points facing in, points facing out. Again nothing matters, points facing in will generally generate the energy to the centre of the grid and power it up, then the grid itself is very strong, when points face outwards they are sending the energy out. When I build grids they are generally for others, usually I choose to send the energy outwards. Clear quartz can be used for anything or replaced for anything a good strong stone to purchase and reasonably priced. But all in all, intentions are key, what you believe your grid will do, will be true. I charge mine with reiki, but this also isn't necessary, magic lives in all of us, especially when we believe.

Huge thank you to Saskia for sharing her knowledge with us! Don't forget to check out her amazing grids here.

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