Crystals For Intuition

Intuition is a big part of spiritual connection + living in alignment. It's an incredibly powerful tool; but tapping into it and actually listening can be a whole different kettle of intuitive fish!
As well as practices like meditation, journaling, mindfulness and using card decks, working with crystals can be a great way to help you tune into your inner voice, your instincts, your "knowing".
Here are my favourite crystals to work with when enhancing + connecting with your intuition!


Believed to facilitate your spiritual journey, stimulate intuition and increase awareness, clarity and wisdom. Said to bring calm, reduce stress + anxiety, and protect against negativity.  A good choice to work with for auric and energetic protection, or to help you find yourself in the right place at the right time spiritually.


Considered to be one of the best "all round" crystals. Associated with calm, healing + balance, and can be a good choice for grief or when trying to break unhealthy habits. Protective and supportive, it’s also believed to support anxiety and strengthen intuition.


Truth, clarity + self awareness. Believed to inspire you to trust your intuition, while also being open to new information or perspective. Can be a great aide in open, authentic communication.

Blue Kyanite

Deeply calming, perfect for use during meditation or in grids created for peace and harmony.  Believed to align + restore energy flow to your chakras, help with open communication, enhance intuition, shift stuck patterns, and support you to resolve conflict.

Satin Spar (Selenite)

Used for charging other crystals, and believed to help clear the aura. A great choice for energy clearing and protection, or to support wisdom, intuition, truth and decision making. Doesn’t need cleansing.

Smoky Quartz

Believed to neutralise negative energy and lift moods. Said to relieve stress, anxiety + mental blocks, and can be helpful getting through emotional barriers stopping you from listening to your intuition. Also a good choice for grounding, protection and positivity.


Peaceful + protective, with a positive, cleansing vibe. A good choice to work with when making a difficult decision; said to enhance intuition and focus, and to help remove distractions, allowing for a clear and unbiased perspective of a situation.


Inner growth + strength. A wonderful choice during times of new beginnings and fresh starts, and is said to strengthen your intuition and feminine energy. Popular for expecting or new mothers, as it’s considered protective and supportive whilst traveling new paths.


Calming + balancing. A popular choice for helping relieve emotional struggles, stress + anxiety.  Said to help relieve dependency on others or things, allowing you to stand on your own two feet without being swayed by external influences and follow your intuition.

Clear Quartz

Known as the "Master Healer". Associated with clarity and harmony, and is said to absorb, store, filter, balance + amplify the energy of other crystals. Can be used to amplify thoughts + intentions, enhance intuition, and is interchangeable with almost any other crystal in terms of healing or gridwork.


A crystal of clarity, understanding, insight + awareness. Can be used to enhance spiritual connection and wisdom, and is a good choice to work with where a broader perspective and understanding is required.  Also reminds you to remember to listen carefully to your intuition, rather than making snap judgements; perfect for situations where the truth may be buried beneath external influence and noise.

Black Moonstone

Intuition + manifestation. A good choice to work with during new beginnings, as it’s believed to help spark new ideas and stimulate creativity. Acts as a reminder of your self worth, helping you to recognise + understand your strengths.

Let me know what your favourite crystal to work with is, or if there are any you'd add to this list!

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