Affirm Tumblestone Set; Amazonite, Aventurine, Sodalite, Chrysocolla, Blue Kyanite - Premium Crystals + Gifts from Clarity Co. - NZ's Favourite Online Crystal Shop
Affirm Tumblestone Set - Premium Crystals + Gifts from Clarity Co. - NZ's Favourite Online Crystal Shop
Affirm Tumblestone Set - Premium Crystals + Gifts from Clarity Co. - NZ's Favourite Online Crystal Shop
Affirm Tumblestone Set - Premium Crystals + Gifts from Clarity Co. - NZ's Favourite Online Crystal Shop
Clarity Co.

Affirm Tumblestone Set

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Crystals For Truth, Self Expression + Confident Communication

Created for those who want to start living authentically and speaking their truth, this set has been specially put together with crystals known for their associations with self-expression, self-confidence in speaking, good fortune, and the throat + heart chakras.  Designed to be carried with you.

Small but mighty, tumblestones are convenient, versatile, and incredibly helpful.  They can be used for grid-work or intention setting, and can be placed in intuitively/intentionally selected groups around your home or space to bring in the energy you’re wanting to attract. You can also carry tumblestones with you in your pocket, bag or bra for on-the-go crystal support - as they’re so easily transportable, this makes them a perfect choice for constant manifestation and reaffirmation of intentions.  Tumblestones are also a great way to try working with a certain crystal to see how it resonates with you before investing in a larger piece.

Set contains: Blue Kyanite, Sodalite, Chrysocolla, Amazonite + Aventurine.


For calm communication.

Said to support you in speaking your truth, Amazonite is soothing and calming - like a gentle guide reminding you that you don’t need to worry about being your authentic self!  Associated with communication, conflict resolution and healing, this beautiful crystal would be a great choice for those wanting support in overcoming tense or difficult relationships with honest, open and firm, yet gentle communication. 

Amazonite is said to be protective and can help ease the mind, making it a useful choice to work with for aiding anxious or overactive thoughts.  A harmonious crystal, it’s said to balance masculine + feminine energies, encouraging a levelled and objective perspective.


For prosperity + abundance.

Green Aventurine is a stone associated with good fortune + luck. It's considered to be a strong attractor of wealth and prosperity, and is known as the "Stone of Opportunity". If manifesting wealth and abundance is in your plan, this would be a great crystal to work with.

Green Aventurine is also believed to spark creativity + self growth, making it a good choice for business owners, entrepreneurs and artists. It's said to help release negative thought patterns, behaviours + disappointments, making room for fresh energy, optimism and growth.

Blue Kyanite 

For refreshing your energy.

Blue Kyanite is deeply calming, making it perfect for use during meditation or in grids created for peace and harmony. It's believed to instantly align your chakras, restoring energy flow through them, and is said to cleanse your auric/energetic field. However this is a crystal that doesn’t need cleansing as it does not hold on to negative energy.

Blue Kyanite can help promote open + confident communication, shifting stuck patterns, and resolving conflict. It's also said to help maintain a sense of logic, and cut through fear-based thoughts.  This makes it a good choice to work with if stuck in difficult or relationships or situations where you need support to let go of your worries of judgement or rejection and stand up for yourself.


For calm communication during confronting or challenging conversations.

Known as a stone of new beginnings, Chrysocolla is believed to help with communication, understanding of others, connection + self-awareness.  A great choice to work with for building, strengthening, and maintaining relationships, as it's said to help communicate and express your viewpoint during difficult or confronting situations - while also acknowledging and empathising with the perspectives and feelings of those around you.  

Chrysocolla is also considered to be useful for those who teach, facilitating access of knowledge and sharing wisdom with others.  It’s believed to help with creativity and self expression, and can heighten your self awareness.


For self-aware intuition + truth.

Said to calm an anxious nature with its soothing energy, Sodalite is a great choice for those who want to still a stormy emotional sea.  It’s believed to connect the head + heart for confident communication, and is supportive of self awareness, intuition and truth.  This is a good choice for helping you to speak directly from your heart, but with rational regulation and honesty.  If you’re wanting support to be more open to new information or truths that may not coincide with your own, this could be a good option for you.

Sodalite is also associated with creativity, clarity and self esteem, and helping support authentic self expression.  It’s believed to help alleviate mental confusion, turbulence and fear, and can support restful sleep.