Apatite XL Tumbles
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Apatite XL Tumbles

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For speaking your ideas into reality.

A stone of growth, apatite is said to invoke creativity, inspiration + motivation. It's a perfect choice for creatives and entrepreneurs, as it's believed to help facilitate the journey of an initial idea into reality, as well as aiding in communicating one's ideas effectively and creatively. Meditating with this crystal is said to bring clarity and confidence around self-expression.

Apatite is also believed to be helpful in manifestation, intention setting, and achieving goals. It's thought to balance the emotional and physical bodies, bringing thoughts into action. Apatite is also said to help with focus + learning.

Price is for one tumblestone, selected intuitively for you. Photo is an example only, the tumble you receive may differ slightly in colour or shape. As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.