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Black Tourmaline Rough

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Black Tourmaline | Crystals For Grounding + Protection.

One of the most popular choices for protection, Black Tourmaline holds a faint, but steady, electric charge. It’s believed to help shield against negativity by absorbing negative energy through one end, transforming it into positive energy, then releasing it back out through its other end.  This is a crystal you’d want to reach for to protect yourself against ill will or bad intentions from others.  Black Tourmaline is also said to help protect against electro-magnetic radiation given off by electronic devices such as phones, laptops or TV.  

Aside from its protective properties, Black Tourmaline is also a good choice for grounding and stability; as it’s a heavy stone, polished forms are useful during meditation to keep you centred and present.  Work with or hold onto this crystal during times of stress or when feeling scattered or anxious.

This is one crystal I believe every home should have - and preferably lots of it! Place larger pieces by entrances or in spaces that see a lot of traffic and mixed energies, or put smaller pieces above doorways.

Price is for one piece only, selected intuitively for you - pieces are approximately 1-2cm long. Photo is a representation only and may not show the exact pieces you receive. As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.