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Kundalini Citrine Cluster #7

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To draw upon your powerful life force + power.

This rare natural Kundalini Citrine is absolutely buzzing with divine energy - these clusters absolutely blew our mind when they arrived!

Citrine is associated with success, prosperity, abundance and wealth. It's said to be a powerful aide in manifestation, and is believed to enhance motivation, enthusiasm and a zest for life.  Kundalini Citrine in particular is said to draw Kundalini energy (divine life force energy) up from the Root Chakra, cleansing, igniting + aligning the other Chakras as it moves through.  This powerhouse crystal is a great choice to work with to achieve your goals and ambitions.  It reminds you to tap into your personal power and step into your amazing potential; get ready, because this energy can be incredibly moving!

Citrine is also said to bring pure joy + happiness, emitting light and positive vibrations to your aura and environment. It's believed to improve self esteem, stamina, and energy levels.

Clusters showcase a crystal in its natural, beautiful form, and each one is as unique as a fingerprint.  Perfect for emitting + amplifying energy out in all directions, the points vibrate with each other in perfect harmony and resonance.  Place your cluster in an area where people come together, such as living rooms or meeting rooms, for unity and protection.  Depending on the size and shape, clusters can also be used to hold and charge jewellery or other smaller crystals.

Cluster is approximately 46g and 4cm tall. Please note this cluster may have natural chips or fractures.  It can be delicate, so handle with care! As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.