Pink Amethyst XL Geode #2
Pink Amethyst XL Geode #2
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Pink Amethyst XL Geode #2

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For getting clear about matters of the heart.

A show-stopping specimen, this geode is truly something special. You won't see pink amethyst in this size often!

Rarer than it's purple counterpart, Pink Amethyst is associated with intuition, healing and acceptance.  It's believed to protect against negative energy, particularly around the Heart Chakra, and can be useful when working towards releasing and healing emotional trauma.  Pink Amethyst is also said to bring about clarity and enhance + attract love.

Price is for geode in first photo only, other geode available separately here. Geode is approximately 630g and 17x13cm. As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.