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Red Jasper Flatstones
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Red Jasper Flatstones

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Red Jasper | Crystals For Stability + Security

Associated with protection, courage and self confidence, Red Jasper is a great choice for those who want to activate + balance their root chakra.  It’s said to help with energy balance, stability and endurance, and can remind us that we are capable of hanging in there for the long haul.  Red Jasper is believed to help draw attention to issues and problems as they arise, so that they may be dealt with before they get too big.  This grounding, supportive crystal is said to help remedy and resolve unfair situations, strengthening your boundaries where needed and supporting you to resist being dominated by others.  

Red Jasper can also be used for dream recall by placing it under your pillow at night.

Crystal Flatstones

Flatstones are wonderfully versatile, and are often favoured by crystal healers. Being larger than a tumblestone, they’re much less easily lost or misplaced, and are less likely to roll off when placed on the body.  Flatstones can also be used as worry stones, and held to bring steadiness and calm.  Place your flatstone in an area where you’ll see and reach for it often, and reaffirm your intentions each time you hold it.

Price is for one red jasper flatstone, selected intuitively for you. As these are natural items, their beauty lies in their unique irregularities.