Crystal Activities For Kids

Hey, parents.

If your kids are anything like mine, they are absolutely wild in love with crystals.  I've spent hours thinking it over, but I can't pinpoint why they adore them so much.
Just kidding.  They got it from their mama.
In our house, we have a "gentle hands" rule.  They're allowed to touch and hold mum's crystals as long as they use gentle hands.  This works 99% of the time, and thankfully we haven't had any casualties in over a year... by the kids.  I've broken a couple, but I'm super clumsy.
Anyway.  Here are some ways we can incorporate crystals into activities or play for the kiddos.  I'll give a (very) rough suggested age guideline, but you know your kids better than I do, so definitely have a read through each activity or play idea first and make a judgement call on whether it would be age/developmentally appropriate for your little one.  

Colour Sorting Tumblestones

Suggested Age: 3+ (small parts)

Equipment Needed:

- Muffin tray

- Mixed tumblestones/palmstones (watch the size with younger children)

- Tongs (optional - fine motor skills)

- Bowl

Mix all the tumblestones and palmstones in the bowl, then take one of each colour and place in each muffin tray section.  Help your child use the tongs (or just their hands) and sort the remaining crystals into the different colours.

Bonus: Add flowers, leaves, or other natural items.

Child's hand rolling playdough next to an assortment of crystals

Tumbles in Playdough

Suggested Age: 3+ (small parts)

Equipment Needed:

- Playdough (either store-bought or make your own - there are plenty of easy recipes online)

- Tumblestones (watch the size with younger children)

- Playdough equipment such as cutters, stamps, etc (optional)

Lay out the playdough and other items.  Let them go for it!

Play ideas: Pizza, "gingerbread" men, birthday cake, starry night, dinosaur swamp, fairy garden.

Child pressing crystals into a sheet of playdough

Grid Making

Suggested Age: 4+

Equipment Needed:

- Assorted crystals

- Flowers, feathers, shells, any other small, preferably natural items

- Small cloth, tray or sheet (optional)

Start by taking a few cleansing breaths.  Ask your child to arrange their crystals in a pattern or shape that feels right to them - let them know it's ok to move things around a bit!

Bonus: Ask your child to give their grid a "theme" or intention - eg. happiness, creativity, joy.

Pouring Crystal Chips

Recommended Age: 4+ (small parts)

Equipment Needed: 

- Crystal Chips (find them here in bulk or in glass jars)

- Funnel

- Tray

- Large spoon

- Small clear containers or bottles (baby food jars work well)

Pour crystal chips into a tray, then let your child scoop them up and pour them into the small containers using the spoon and funnel. The sound of the chips being poured is incredibly satisfying!

Bonus: Try layering the chips inside the container to create crystal art!

Crystal Bracelets

Recommended Age: 7+ (fine motor skills required)

Equipment Needed:

- Crystal Beads

- Elastic

- Scissors

- Metal Charms (optional)

Thread the elastic through the beads (double the elastic up if possible for extra strength).  Get creative with the patterns!  Double knot the elastic and trim the ends - then if desired, gently tug the knot inside a bead to hide it.

Find our DIY Crystal Bracelet kits here.

Treasure Hunt

Recommended Age: 2/3+ (dependant on crystal size)

Equipment Needed:

- Large container

- Assorted crystals

- Sand

- Scoop (optional)

Mix the crystals into the sand, then let your child dig around and find them!

Bonus: Add small toys in as well, or give older children a list/order in which they need to find the crystals.

Crystal Match

Recommended Age: 5+

Equipment Needed:

- Assorted crystals

- A crystal poster or oracle cards with crystals on them*

Lay out the crystals and the poster or cards, then see how quickly they can match the crystals to their picture.  Any missing? See what they can find around the house that's the same colour.

*Alternatively, photograph the crystals you'll use and print them out. This could be an activity in itself!


Are there any activities you'd add that you've done with your kids? Let me know!

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