How To Manifest An Amazing Year

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Happy New Year!
There is something incredibly cleansing about stepping into a brand new year. So much opportunity! However, if - like me - 2022 was a touch... erm... challenging shall we say... then you'll be all amped up to get your manifest on and make 2023 the Best. Year. Everrrrrr.
(or maybe you're someone who is still tired from 2022, which is totally fine and you can still manifest an epic year with slightly less gung-ho and slightly more caffeine)
(it's me, I'm someone)

First Thing's First.

Ok, so.  If the last year was a bit rubbish for you, I'm hereby giving you permission to let it go.

Let it go.

Let it goooooo.

The thing is, tough times teach us incredibly useful and important lessons. Like... it still sucks. But it happens. And we do not need to spend too long dwelling on them.

Now is your opportunity to reset your perspective and mindset, and release anything that has been holding you back thus far.

Someone let you down last year and left you feeling betrayed? Let it go.
Low sales in your biz had you feeling like you weren't good enough? Let it go.
Feeling like you didn't achieve what you wanted to, so therefore failed? Let. It. Go.

Any residual feelings of inadequacy, resentment, hurt, unworthiness, guilt, shame or anger that aren't helping you move forward* need to now be acknowledged, then healed. 

*sometimes the yucky feelings are there to signal to us where change is needed. So if you're feeling these feels, dive deep and discover if they're there to help you, or are just making you feel like rubbish unnecessarily.

Ok, so emotional baggage unpacked and soul spring cleaning done? Great. Let's get started.

How To Manifest An Amazing Year

Write It Down

One of the simplest, yet incredibly powerful ways to manifest is writing down what you want. Don't be afraid to dream big, and don't be afraid to get specific - but write it as if it's already happening for you.

For example, you might write:

"It's the end of 2023. I am a successful, thriving, joyful woman. I have my dream job that I absolutely love, and am paid well to do it because both I, and my employer, know my value. I get out of bed each morning with loads of energy and purpose, and meet every challenge with ease, grace, creativity and determination. I enjoy a fulfilling, active social life, and have a wonderful support network around me. I now live in my dream home, my own sanctuary. My health has never been better, and I find it easy to fit in time for exercise and nourish my body with healthful and wholesome food. I am so proud of my accomplishments this year, and joyfully celebrate myself."

Can you picture it yet? You want to write it in a way that feels real to you, and within your grasp. You want to read what you've written, and be able to see yourself in that life. Which brings us to our next tool...


Once you have your dream life written down, it's time to step into it; close your eyes, and visualize everything you've written. Don't just imagine it - really feel it. Live it. Embrace it. Visualize how you want to feel a year from now, and work through what needs to happen to get you there.  Picture the things (or people, experiences, opportunities) that you want to attract this year coming towards you. See yourself reach out and hold them. 

While writing things down is a bit of a "set and forget" scenario when it comes to manifesting, I find visualization and meditation work best when practiced semi-regularly. You don't have to do it every night if you don't want to (although if you're up for it, more power to ya!), just as often as you catch yourself getting stuck in a mental rut or acting in a way that pulls you in the opposite direction of what you're trying to manifest.


Pre-plan The Good Stuff

A customer at one of my old jobs once said to me "the key to happiness is having a project or something to look forward to." This has stuck with me for the last ten years, and has been an incredible tool for creating my dream life.

At the beginning of the year, before life takes over and you get stuck in the daily grind, pre-plan the things you want to do. The holiday you want to take. The business you want to launch. The social event you want to host.  The catch ups with friends. The dinners.  The competitions or awards.  Mark these on your calendar or planner.  Get excited. Allow yourself to look forward to them.

You might notice I wrote "pre-plan" instead of just plan. It can sometimes be a bit tricky to fully plan things, particularly far in advance - which often means we end up putting them off. Hence, pre-plan! Start by setting a date. Then mark when to properly plan closer to the time. Plan to plan, if you will.

Need an amazing planner or calendar to map out dates? Find our range here.

Crystals (ofc)

It wouldn't be a Clarity Co. blog post if we didn't mention crystals. I mean... crystals are life, right?

There are many ways to work with crystals for manifestation. You can meditate with palms or spheres, create an attraction grid with points, burn intention candles with roughs, or carry tumbles with you for manifestation-on-the-go.  Set your intentions for your crystals (I literally talk to mine and tell them what I want 😂), then let them work their magic.

Here's a handy dandy "cheat sheet" of some of my recommendations for a New Year:

Believed to help attract new friendships and new beginnings. A great choice to help with grounding, personal (or general) growth + connecting to the Earth.

Ocean Jasper

A stone of joy + positivity, said to help let go of the past and have the confidence to move forward. Believed to help with patience (with oneself and others) and going with the flow.

Flower Agate

Growth + potential. Believed to help you blossom, relieve self-doubt and release fears. Use to unblock any emotional obstacles standing in the way of manifestation.


A stone of inner growth, strength, and new beginnings. Popular for expecting or new mothers, as it is said to be protective + supportive while travelling new paths.

Rose Calcite

Tender and nurturing. Can help tend to matters of the heart, encourage the healing of emotional wounds and trauma, and remind us to be loving and kind - including to ourselves.  Said to be a deep emotional cleanser, clearing out the "junk" that lurks within our heartspace.

Orca Agate

Self-reflection, forgiveness + truth. Dive deep into your inner self and identify trauma or emotional wounds that need resolution. Said to promote acceptance + empowerment.


Known as the "Happy Stone", and is associated with success, prosperity, abundance + wealth. Believed to encourage manifestation, optimism, and confidence. A good choice to support achieving your goals.


A stone associated with good fortune + luck. Believed to spark creativity + self growth. Commonly known as the "Stone of Opportunity".

Say it with me...


Drop me a note and let me know which of these tools you're planning to try out - or if you're going to step into 2023 gun blazing and use 'em all! I'm so excited to see what this year brings, and I hope you are too - you deserve an amazing one.
Until next time, fam!

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