Crystals For Anxiety

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Please note: While we wholeheartedly believe that crystals are incredible tools for mental and spiritual health + healing support, the information given here is intended as a guide only and should not be used in place of medical advice or support. Please make sure you look after yourself!

Ok, so.

Anxiety sucks, right? Like... Dyson vacuum cleaner sucks. It sucks BIG time.

But unlike a Dyson, anxiety sucks in a bad way. If you've never experienced it personally, it's basically like a constant feeling that a lion or bear or scary predator is following you waiting to pounce at any given second, except there's no big predatory animal, it's just that you need to make a phone call.

(or that your phone is ringing but you don't know who it is or what they want to talk about so can they just send you a text instead please?!)

And trust me, if we could just "get over it", well... we would.

But I digress.

As well as getting appropriate medical advice and support, I've personally found crystals to play a huge part in helping keep my mental, emotional + spiritual health in a good space.  I love using tumblestones or palms to hold if I need to actively ward off the anxious feels, or wearing crystal jewellery as a bit of an energetic shield.

Remember: When using crystals for heavy, difficult, or uncomfortable situations like panic attacks, stress, dis-ease or mental health issues, it's a good idea to cleanse and recharge them regularly.

So... which crystals should you use?

While I will always recommend that you follow your intuition to find a crystal (or crystals!) that work for you, here are some of my suggestions to bring some peaceful, calming energy to yourself or or space.

A stone of calm, healing, peace + harmony, blue calcite is soothing + tranquil. Can be helpful in lifting anxieties and filtering out bad energy. This is also a great choice for sleep support.

Considered to be one of the best "all round" crystals, amethyst is associated with calm, healing + balance.  It's also believed to support anxiety and strengthen intuition.

Calming + serene, aquamarine is said to gently evoke courage, compassion and confidence.  It's believed to help one to listen with the intent of understanding, as well as sharpening intuition and mental clarity.

A nourishing + grounding stone, said to support ones connection to the Earth. Believed to help heal inner anger, bring balance, and instill a sense of security + steadiness. Use to slow down and be centered.

Believed to bring truth, clarity, trust, and alignment. Used for calm, healing + easing an anxious mind. Also a great choice for conflict resolution, aiding authentic, firm, but gentle communication.

Believed to help calm + relieve anxiety, and is a good choice to support and promote deep and restful sleep. Howlite is also said to remind us of our purpose, goals + ambitions, keeping us steady + on track.

Believed to neutralise negative energy and lift moods. Said to relieve stress, anxiety + mental blocks, and can be helpful getting back on track. Also a good choice for grounding and protection.

Associated with protection, grounding, security + strength. A good choice to relieve overwhelm as it brings calm + stillness, and its weighty nature makes it useful during meditation for grounding + presence.


Said to absorb negative energy, then transform + release it as positive energy. Holds a faint electrical charge. A great choice for grounding, protection and security, as well as to shield against ill intent.

Used for charging other crystals, energy cleansing + protection, satin spar (often sold as selenite) is believed to help clear energy and ones aura. Doesn't need cleasing.

Believed to be strongly calming and useful for balancing turbulent emotions. A popular choice for helping relieve emotional struggles, stress + anxiety.

Self-reflection, forgiveness + truth. Dive deep into your inner self and identify trauma or emotional wounds that need resolution. Said to promote acceptance + empowerment.

A crystal of peace and spirituality, apophyllite is believed to help overcome anxious thoughts, negativity and stress.  It's popular for use during meditation, and is thought to help bring awareness of ones own spirituality and higher consciousness.

Serenity, calm + communication. Carries a gentle, ethereal energy, and is said to support spiritual growth, bring dream recollection + strengthen intuition. Deeply calming, so a good choice for unfamiliar situations.

Said to promote self love and help increase self confidence + worth. Believed to attract friendship, luck and prosperity, and is considered to be a good choice of support when closing the door on a toxic relationship.

Known as the "Master Healer". Associated with clarity and harmony, and is said to absorb, store, filter, balance + amplify the energy of other crystals. Can be used to amplify thoughts + intentions.


Are there any crystals you'd add, or that you love working with to release anxiety? Let me know!

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